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 Experimentation and Growth: From Victorian Mansion to 13-Building Complex 
   Images from "The Settlement House"
 This essay includes photographs and drawings showing the interiors and exteriors of three Pond & Pond-designed settlement houses (Northwestern University Settlement, Chicago Commons, and Hull-House) that illustrated a series of articles written by Allen B. Pond and entitled "The Settlement House" in The Brickbuilder (July-September 1902). The last nine images depict Hull-House interiors and exteriors.  
   Recovering the Layout of the Hull-House Complex
 Images from Vincent L. Michael's essay of the same title, which is perhaps the most accurate and detailed history of the physical development of the Hull-House complex to date.  
 Hull-House and Its Immigrant Neighbors 
   Sophie Trifshik (Goren), Hull-House Volunteer
 Images relating to the efforts of Sophie Trifshik (later Goren), who volunteered at Hull-House and at its Bowen Country Club summer camp from 1928-1938. (See also the accompanying essay by Margaret Strobel.)  
   Nicolette Malone, From Hull-House Actor to Hull-House Business Manager
 Nicolette (Nikki) Malone grew up in an Italian family of four boys and two girls on DeKoven Street in the Hull-House neighborhood. A regular attendee of Hull-House programs as a child, Malone was hired to work with Edith De Nancrede at the Hull-House Theater in 1929. (See also the accompanying essay by Margaret Strobel.)  
   Mexicans and the Hull-House Colonia in the 1920s and 1930s
 Images of Mexicans living in the Hull-House neighborhood, primarily drawn from the Jane Addams Memorial Collection, picturing the many ways in which the community engaged with Hull-House.  
 Art for the People 
   The Butler Building
 Drawings and photographs depicting the first addition to the Hull-House complex, with its studio and exhibition spaces inside.  
   Creating and Appreciating the Visual Arts at Hull-House
 This essay includes photographs depicting the different "galleries" in the Hull-House complex where artwork was displayed, as well as imgages of Hull-House artists and their work.  
 Art in the Schools, the Settlement, and the Neighborhood 
   Art Education for Children
 Photographs of children learning about and creating art in different Hull-House environments over time.  
 Labor, Craft, and Art 
   Performing Crafts: The Hull-House Labor Museum
 Interior images of the Hull-House Labor Museum, as well as photographs depicting adults and children spinning and weaving.  
   Contextualizing Craft: The Labor Museum and Immigrant Acculturation
 The Labor Museum was an attempt by Hull House founder and director Jane Addams to reach out to neighborhood residents who had not previously utilized the settlement's offerings. This photo essay by Jackie Petkewicz explains how the Labor Museum fit into the larger settlement program.  
   Hull-House Kilns (1927-1937)
 Photographs of and images from the Hull House Art School (photos 3-7); the Hull-House Kilns, including artists' work (photos 8-25); and Hull-House Kilns teachers and their work (photos 26-34).  
 The Idea of Recreation for the Working Classes 
   Where Should Children Play? Constructing Space and Organizing Activity
 Photographs depicting the evolution of recreational space in and around Hull-House, from alleys and courtyards to playgrounds that were eventually taken over by the municipality.