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   General Chicago Area Maps (including ward maps)

Report of the Chicago Relief and Aid Society of Disbursement of Contributions for the
Sufferers by the Chicago Fire
(Chicago: Chicago Relief and Aid Society, 1874).

  A. T. Andreas, Map of Chicago Showing the Extensions of the City Limits History of Chicago, Volume II (Chicago: A. T. Andreas, 1885): 49. (PDF 1.33 MB)
  Louis Schick, Map of Burnt District in the Great Fire, 1871 Chicago and Its Environs: A Handbook for the Traveller (Chicago: L. Schick, 1891): 511. (PDF 158 KB)
  Rand, McNally and Company, The Metropolitan West Side Elevated Railroad and Name of Stations in Red (Chicago: Rand, McNally and Company, 1898). (PDF 412 KB)
  Bertha Johnston, Map of Chicago, showing Rapid Transit Lines "Social Settlement Life in Chicago: Some Places of the Daily Work at Hull House, Chicago Commons, University Settlement," Kindergarten Magazine XIII, no. 7 (March 1901): 749. (PDF 174 KB)
  Tillotson's Pocket Map and Street Guide of Chicago (Chicago: M. D. Tillotson, 1914). This map shows, in detail, the Near West Side of Chicago, and area bound by W. Madison Street to the north, S. Ashland Street to the west, W. 22nd Street to the south, and S. State Street to the east. (PDF 665 KB)
  Map Showing New House Number and System for the City of Chicago Chicago Daily News Almanac and Year Book for 1912 (Chicago: Chicago Daily News, 1912): 574. (PDF 200 KB)
  Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, Ward Map. City of Chicago. 50 Ward Plan Passed by the City Council of the City of Chicago. July 22nd 1921 (Chicago: Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, 1921). (PDF 314 KB)