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Historical Narrative Contents
  Why Chicago? The Decision to "Settle" on Halsted Street
Chicago's Reform Climate
Progressive Men
Ellen Gates Starr's Chicago Connections
The Attractions of Cosmopolitanism in Immigrant Neighborhoods
The Hull Inheritance: An Unusual Capitalist and His Mansion
  The Settlement Idea
The Influence of Toynbee Hall and the People's Palace
Garnering Support for Hull-House from the Clergy
The Experiment in Chicago
The Spread of "Settling"
  In the Shadow of Hull-House: Other Settlements in the Hull-House Neighborhood
Mapping the Neighborhood's Sacred and Public Spaces
Biographies of Women Communal Workers in the Neighborhoods of Hull-House
Guardian Angel/Madonna Center: A Catholic Settlement
Chicago Hebrew Institute: A Jewish Social Center
Henry Booth Settlement: An Ethical Culture Experiment
Gads Hill Settlement: A Neighborhood House with Company Ties
  The Function of the Settlement
Hull-House Incorporated: Institutionalizing the Experiment
The Settlement House Movement Defines Its Goals
The Settlement House: Spearhead for Reform or Neighborhood Center?
Settlement Literature
Jane Addams Takes to the Streets: Garbage Inspection in the Nineteenth Ward
The Intractability of Ward Politics: The Failure to Find a Constituency
City Politics: Jane Addams, the Board of Education, & the Search for Common Ground
Progressive Politics, Suffrage and the Woman's Agenda Nationally
Suffrage, Citizenship, and the Peace Movement
Protecting Free Speech: Anarchists, Radicals & Social Critics at Hull-House
  The Debate Over the Place of Religion in Settlements
Christian Celebrations at Hull-House: Pageantry Without Prayer
Hull-House's Anti-Clerical Image: The Giordano Bruno Society
"A General Religious Awakening": Settlements, Ethics, and Religious Values
Addams's Personal Faith vs. Her Public Usages of Religion
  Gendered Philanthropy and Social Space
How Women Financed Hull-House
Helen Culver and Philanthropy: A Businesswoman's Approach
Other Hull-House Philanthropists: Edward B. Butler, Mary J. Wilmarth, Julius Rosenwald, William E. Kent and Others
Jane Addams, Louise deKoven Bowen and "Begging": The Art of Fundraising
  Experimentation and Growth: From Victorian Mansion to 13-Building Complex
Settlement Architecture and Interior Design
Touring the Buildings: Inside the Complex
Clothing in "Bricks and Mortar"
The Jane Club
Coffee House and Nutritional Cooking
Jane Addams Reflects on the First Twenty Years
  Constructing Social Space: Clubs, Forums, and Voluntary Associations
Clubs And Activities
Immigrants' Protective League
Juvenile Protective Association
  Women's Clubs at Hull-House and New Roles for Women
The Social Settlement and Clubs for Women
The Hull-House Woman's Club
Who Ran the Hull-House Woman's Club?
The Social Activism of Hull-House Clubwomen
  Social Research and Social Activism at Hull-House
Julia Lathrop, Alzina Parsons Stevens, Florence Kelley and Agnes Sinclair Holbrook: Investigation and Advocacy, 1890-1899
Surveying the Neighborhood: Hull-House Maps and Papers (1895)
Grace and Edith Abbott, Sophonisba Breckinridge, and Alice Hamilton: Residency, Advocacy and Social Science Research, 1900-1930
Residents, Allies, and Birth Control
Residents and Public Health
Louise deKoven Bowen and Jane Addams: Gendered Perspectives on Urban Life
Housing: The Model Tenement, Public Housing and the Ideal Home
Neighborhood, State, and Nation: The Hull-House Influence
  Residents, Volunteers and Staff
Residency: The Theory
Residency: The Practice
A Chronology of Hull-House Residents
The Men of Hull-House: An Overlooked Aspect of Settlement Life
A Comparative View of Settlement Residency
Taking Stock: Hull-House's Fortieth Anniversary (1930)
The Transition: Adena Miller Rich and Charlotte Carr
  Hull-House Takes Up the Cause of the Working Class
Labor Activism in the 1890s
Hull-House Responds to the Unemployment Crisis of the 1890s
Hull-House Encourages Labor Organizing For Women Workers
A New View of Domestic Work
Ellen Gates Starr: A Friend of Labor
Key Approaches to Conflict
  Hull-House and Its Immigrant Neighbors
Immigration and the Hull-House Response
Neighborhood Stories
Cross-Cultural Experiments: Learning by Trial and Error
Race, Class & Ethnic Factors in Hull-House's Citizenship Programs
Mexicans and the Hull-House Colonia in the 1920s and 1930s
  Hull-House and the Black Migration to Chicago
The Hull-House Experience with Black Migrants
The Settlement's Response to Southern and Northern Segregation, Racism and Violence
  Theories and Practices of Education at Hull-House
  Theories and Practices of Education at Hull-House
The Immigrant Child
Adult Education
The School As Social Center
  Art for the People
The Butler Art Gallery
Residency and the Arts: Laura Dainty Pelham, Edith de Nancrede, Enella Benedict, and Eleanor Smith
  Art in the Schools, the Settlement, and the Neighborhood
Chicago Public School Art Society
The Hull-House Art School
  Labor, Craft, and Art
The Labor Museum and Hull-House Shops
The Hull-House Kilns (1927-1937)
  The Arts and Crafts Movement
The Arts and Crafts Movement in England and the United States
Arts and Crafts at Hull-House
  The Performing Arts at Hull-House
Drama Clubs and the Hull-House Players
Theater as Moral Educator and Cultural Mediator
Hull-House Theater and The New Deal
  The Idea of Recreation for the Working Classes
The Influence from Abroad
The Movement for Playgrounds and Vacation Schools (Summer Camp)
Small Parks Movement and the West Side
Recreation and Sports at Hull-House
  Moral Uplift and Popular Amusements
Investigations and Critiques
  The Private World of Jane Addams and Her Ideas About Women
Defining Love: Jane Addams, Ellen Gates Starr and Mary Rozet Smith
Jane Addams: The Woman Question and Feminism
  The Memorializing of Jane Addams
The Octagon Room 1936-1967
Democracy in Action at Hull-House
  What Hull-House Was Like After 1935
Social Reform or Social Work: Hull-House and the Settlement Idea After 1935
Participants' Writings and Memoirs
  Charlotte Carr, Hull-House, and the New Deal
New Deal Financing and Staff Reorganization
Who Rules: Hull-House Trustees, Politics, and Budget Troubles
  Russell Ballard: Community Organizing, Planning, and Urban Renewal
City Politics and Community Planning
Social Settlements and Public Housing
Russell Ballard and Cold War Politics
The Coming of the University of Illinois: Circle Campus and the Last Days of Hull-House at Halsted and Polk
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